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A non-contact fitness boxing regime suitable for men and women in the City who aspire to learn how to box.

We will teach you the technical skills, tactics and strategies from the sweet science of boxing, to get you boxing fighting fit in preparation for white-collar boxing competitions.

Basic skills: learning how to keep your hands up and defend/protect yourself at all times, punch perfect, target area, stance squared, footwork, focus pads skills, general speed skills

Punches: the jab, uppercuts, the straight right, body shots, switch of attacks, the left hook, and combination punches

Defences and countering: methods of defence, blocks and barriers, footwork defence, evasive action from the waist, covering, shadow-boxing, countering and ring generalship

Light sparring: isolation sparring, touch sparring and body sparring

Fitness programme: peak conditioning, high-intensity interval training, agility and quickness training, skipping, athletic speed training, ballistic and plyometric training for all-round training

Benefits: include the development of speed skills, reaction time, stamina, cardio-vascular fitness, self-confidence, mobility and the ability to defend yourself

Coaching: We are qualified (ABAE) boxing coaches and professionally-qualified fitness trainers with over ten years of experience coaching amateurs and professionals.

Locations: We can arrange training at your office or home, or outdoors in a park or other open space.

Contact Bendera: mobile 07881 634126 phone 020 8930 5737 email